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Let our professional cleaning team scrub your home from top to bottom!

Deep Cleaning

La Cenicienta’s deep cleaning services include:
Cleaning the window blinds
Base boards
Window sills
Ceiling fans and other high dusting areas.
Scrubbing your bathroom cabinets and floors
Our general house cleaning services include:
Changing linens and making the beds
Cleaning wall decorations
Picture frames
Light switches
Doors and door trims
Cleaning and/or polishing furniture and decorative items, and vacuuming and mopping all floors.
Kitchen cleaning includes:
Cleaning all cabinets and appliances
Cleaning off counter space
Scouring the sink and sweeping and thoroughly mopping the kitchen floor.
Bathroom cleaning includes:
Cleaning showers
Toilet and sinks
Disinfecting all fixtures and treating any mildew
Cleaning all mirrors and shower door tracks
Cleaning off counter space
Cleaning the tops of vanity items
Scrubbing your bathroom cabinets and floors.